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Management control for positive financial results

Dan analyzed and structured the financial records and reports of a growing business that was struggling to understand its financial results. After months of evaluating company performance and emphasizing critical activities and profits, the company gained a structured management process for monitoring financial results.

Inventory, your most valuable asset

A distribution company with an extensive inventory had no accounting system to generate reports for management or for the CPA firm at year end. The owner hired Dan to install an accounting system that interfaced with the existing inventory system. Eliminating duplicate processes and designing efficient work flow allowed the new accounting system to operate without additional staff. The company reduced its CPA fees by $10,000 per year and has monthly financial reports targeted at key operational issues.

Management reports support company growth and profits

Dan works with a family business that has grown, but wants to retain an accounting staffer who has been with the company for many years. Accounting has been improved and planning and performance evaluation initiated. Based on accurate and improved reporting, the company owner has felt confident to grow into new lines of business.

Consolidating accounting systems to provide management information

Three companies merged and one accounting system was needed to provide management reports. The corporate controller was charged with installing a new accounting system and designing accounting policies to support each location. He hired Dan to work as a special projects assistant to help complete the project. Dan interviewed the staff at each company and assisted the controller in identifying common accounting policies. He oversaw training and installation of the accounting system at one of the locations.

Job costs and profits

A construction company doing large scale projects needed accurate job costing to evaluate profitability of projects. Dan restructured accounting procedures and implemented unused parts of software owned by the company to provide monthly analysis of job profitability.

Negotiating with your bank

A company in a unique business applied for a loan with a major bank and was denied. On the company's behalf, Dan made a creative presentation showing the bank the hidden strength of the business. The loan was then approved.

Changes cause positive cash flow

Dan evaluated the cash flow problems of a company engaged in multiple lines of business. He showed that the cash flow would worsen without changes. By restructuring financial obligations and reducing operating costs, cash flow became positive and profits increased.