Adding Value to Your Business

  • Add skilled financial management and leadership to your staff without increasing the cost of permanent staff.
  • Increase quality and usefulness of your financial information by developing reports that measure operational objectives.
  • Enhance the ablilities and skills of your accounting staff with job training.
  • Provide consistent, high quality, and affordable management for your company.
  • Relieve company's leaders from time spent managing accounting.
  • Reduce the cost of outside professional services with improved accuracy of information.
  • Help company leaders make better decisions.


Dan is an excellent cash manager and brings both knowledge and enthusiasm to any job he undertakes. He is a pleasure to work with.

--Nina Maurer, Senior Vice President, Columbia Bank

Dan brings clarity to a company's financial information with creativity and insight.

--Beatrice I. Miles, CPA

Dan has made our accounting operations more accurate and efficient. The changes he has initiated will help our company be more profitable in the future.

--Tom Allen, Owner, The Acme Service Group

Dan has done a terrific job for us once again this year and if we gave out a Vendor of the Year Award, he would be the winner by a long shot!

--Dean Schmidtke, VP, Capital Sheet Metal, Inc.

I would not hesitate to recommend Dan to one of our clients.

--Joyce Targus, Principal, Frost and Company, CPA